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Fractures can happen at any time to anyone. When you need urgent care for your fracture or sprain, the team at Minit Medical Urgent Care and Physical Therapy in Kihei, Kahului, and Lahaina, Hawaii, can help. Providing care island-wide, the team can see you quickly, perform onsite X-rays, and provide the urgent care you need. Walk-ins are welcome. Or, you can call or schedule an appointment online for less urgent medical matters.

Fractures Q&A

What are Fractures?

Fractures are breaks in the bone and may affect any bone in the body. Your bones are rigid and have some give but break when under too much force. 

Fractures vary in type based on the severity of the break and include:

Stable Fracture

A stable fracture is a less serious fracture in which the bones still line up and are barely out of place. 

Compound Fracture

With a compound fracture, also called an open fracture, the bone is piercing through the skin. Compound fractures are at greater risk of infection. 

Transverse Fracture

If the break in your bone runs horizontally across the bone, you have a transverse fracture.e. 

Oblique Fracture

An oblique fracture is a straight line break that runs at an angle across the width of your bone.

Comminuted Fracture

For a comminuted fracture, the bone is shattered into three or more pieces.

The type of fracture you have determines the treatment.

What are Sprains?

Sprains occur when you overstretch a ligament, which is the connective tissue that attaches bone to bone in a joint. Sprains vary in severity depending on how far the ligament stretches.

A mild sprain means you only have some stretching, while a severe sprain means you have a torn ligament.

Both fractures and sprains cause pain and swelling and need immediate medical attention. But you don’t have to go to the emergency room. The team at Minit Medical Urgent Care and Physical Therapy can provide the care you need right away. 

What happens during an evaluation for Fractures?

You can expect a thorough evaluation when you visit Minit Medical Urgent Care and Physical Therapy with concerns about a fracture. The team reviews the details of your injury and examines the injured body part.

Then, they do X-rays to confirm if have a fracture and the fracture type. 

What are the treatments for Fractures?

Immobilization is the primary treatment for fractures and sprains. For fractures, the team at Minit Medical Urgent Care and Physical Therapy may place you in a cast to limit the mobility of the injured body part so the bones can heal. 

If you have a more severe fracture, like a compound or comminuted fracture, the team will likely refer you to an orthopedist for care. 

For sprains, the team may suggest rest, ice, compression, and elevation (RICE). 

The team may also refer you to physical therapy for your sprain after your fracture heals. 

For urgent fracture care, visit Minit Medical Urgent Care and Physical Therapy now. Walk-ins are welcome, or you can call or use the online scheduler.