Colds and Flus

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Colds and Flus

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Colds and flus have similar symptoms, making it hard to differentiate between the two common contagious respiratory illnesses. At Minit Medical Urgent Care and Physical Therapy in Kihei, Kahului, and Lahaina, Hawaii, our team specializes in diagnosing and treating colds and flus in people of all ages. For help managing your cold or flu, call or schedule an appointment online today. Telemedicine appointments are available, and walk-ins are welcome.

Colds and Flus Q&A

What are the differences between Colds and Flus?

Colds and flus are viral infections that affect the upper respiratory system — nose, sinuses, and throat. They cause similar symptoms, but the flu tends to be more severe. 

A runny nose, sore throat, and a cough are common symptoms you might have with a cold and flu. However, with the flu, you may also have a fever and chills, body aches, and fatigue. 

Colds and flus are highly contagious and pass from person to person through respiratory droplets that spread into the air when an infected person coughs, sneezes, or talks. 

When should I seek medical care for Colds and Flus?

You should seek medical care for colds and flus if you have severe symptoms or your condition isn’t improving with at-home care. 

The team at Minit Medical Urgent Care and Physical Therapy also recommends getting help for your cold or flu if you have a high fever or a fever that lasts more than a day.

Although there is no cure for the cold or the flu, when you diagnose the flu during the first two days of an infection, the team at Minit Medical Urgent Care and Physical Therapy can prescribe a medication that may lessen the duration and severity of your symptoms. 

What can I expect during an evaluation for Colds and Flus?

You can expect a patient-centered evaluation when you meet with one of the expert providers at Minit Medical Urgent Care and Physical Therapy for your cold or flu. They offer both in-office and virtual appointments.

Your provider reviews your symptoms and the types of treatments you’ve tried for relief. They ask about your medical history and perform a physical exam. 

To confirm or rule out the flu or COVID-19, the team may perform multiple in-office rapid tests for these viral infections. 

What are the treatments for Colds and Flus?

Treatments for colds and flus are similar. The team recommends taking over-the-counter (OTC) medications to reduce fever and pain. You also need to drink fluids to stay hydrated and get plenty of rest.

The team recommends you isolate yourself from friends and family to prevent getting others sick. They also provide notes for work or school excusing your absence.

To schedule your cold or flu evaluation at Minit Medical Urgent Care and Physical Therapy, call or book an appointment online today.